Customer Service Features

Integrated product search
A powerful search feature is included in your store, allowing customers a quick search for products, as well as an Advanced Search. Customers can find the products they want by keyword searches in product names, categories, descriptions, and manufacturer. Search results are fully sortable by price, name, and manufacturer.

Search and browse order history
Customers will be able to browse through their order history, and search for past orders by date. This makes placing repeat orders easier.

Real-time order tracking
As customers browse their order history, they will be able to track their order shipment through UPS and FedEx in real-time with a single click.

Choice of Registration or Express Checkout
A clean and intuitive checkout process is key for a successful online store. BuzzCart allows customers to choose from an Express Checkout, or allows them to register with your site. A progress bar marks every step of the transaction.

Customer password reminders
If a registered customer forgets their password, they have the option to have their password emailed to them.

Integrated with Constant Contact Email Marketing
Constant Contact is one of the premier email marketing tools available, and BuzzCart is directly integrated with it. Customers can sign up for your newsletter or email announcements directly from your site, without bouncing to another web site. Customers can also opt-in for more information during checkout.